Our Company

Who Are We?

At Concrete PolyFix, we are made of contractors specializing in concrete work for 20 years. During that time we’ve completed countless jobs involving all types of concrete work. As technology advances, we continue to research the new methodologies and adapt according to what is best for our customers.

Concrete raising or concrete leveling, has brought new methods and advancements in equipment that significantly outweigh other methods. It is less invasive on our employees and takes less time to complete which in turn is a cost savings for you.

Our Mission

Save homeowners money by fixing settled or broken concrete over traditional methods using less equipment, less manpower and less cost than normal concrete.

If you are looking to completely replace or need new concrete poured, our sister company MAC Concrete Construction can assist you with any of your needs.


We have 20 years experience in concrete construction. As technology has advanced, our methods have too. Fixing your settled or broken concrete with concrete raising over traditional methods comes with less cost, less cleanup and less time.