Concrete Polyurethane Foam Raising/ Leveling/Lifting & Soil Stabilization

This method of concrete repair is used when concrete has become sunken or broken. This is a common issue if it is built over poorly compacted soil or if water penetrates below the concrete slab causing erosion to the base soil.

Polyurethane foam is injected under the existing concrete through penny-sized holes to fill, raise, and level the concrete. This method stabilizes the soil and resists water penetration, preventing future issues. It’s fast—repairs are typically completed in 1-2 hours and your concrete will be ready for regular use immediately.

Unlike mudjacking, which requires the drilling of large holes and takes hours to set, non-toxic polyurethane works quickly, goes unnoticed and lasts a lifetime.

Concrete Leveling Step 1

Step #1: We drill a small 5/8″ diameter hole into the concrete slab that needs raised.

Concrete Leveling Step 2

Step #2: We place an injector port into the drilled hole. We then inject polyurethane foam into the port. This in turn raises the sunken or broke slab.

Concrete Leveling Step 3

Step #3: Once the concrete slab is raised to the original level, the port is uninstalled and filled with concrete to create a level and visually appealing finish.


    Injecting polyurethane under your concrete aids in stabilizing the foundation to help prevent future settling issues.


    Our method lasts longer than other methods because the polyurethane material never loses its density.


    Advancements in the equipment make this type of repair work much quicker to accomplish and requires less manpower.


    Polyurethane sets within 15 minutes of injection. Your leveled surface will be ready to use immediately.


    Unlike the material used in mudjacking, which weighs approximately 100 pounds per cubic foot, polyurethane foam weighs only 2 pounds per cubic foot, which is less of a burden on the soil.


    Only a few penny-sized holes are required, which keeps the repair work hidden and makes your concrete surface look great.


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