Concrete Leveling with Polyurethane

Sunken or broken concrete is a common issue if built over poorly compacted soil or as water penetrates below causing erosion to the base soil. 

Concrete Repair Using Polyurethane

Using polyurethane for concrete leveling (also known as concrete raising) is a relatively new technology to an old method called mudjacking. Polyurethane foam is injected underneath a slab to fill, raise and level the concrete.

Polyurethane raising was only used in public works applications until recently it has come over to the residential market. We use this method over others for many reasons- 

  • Strong – Polyurethane concrete raising lasts much longer because the material never loses its density.
  • Fast – Advancements in the equipment makes this type of repair work go much quicker with less manpower.
  • Quick – There is no “dry time” using polyurethane, it will be ready to use when the job is complete.
  • Stabilizing – Injecting polyurethane under your concrete also aids in stabilizing the soil’s foundation underneath to help prevent future settling issues.
  • Lightweight – The lightweight polyurethane fill creates less of a burden on the soil than other methods.
  • Hidden – Fewer and smaller injection holes are required over other methods, making it difficult to see any repair work.

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