Leveling concrete using polyurethane foam fixes the root cause of sunken or cracked concrete. Our methods stabilize the soil and fill in gaps under the concrete to keep surfaces smooth and level for years to come. Although grinding concrete from the top may seem like a good temporary fix, it won’t solve the underlying issue, which is typically soil instability or water infiltration. It’s also risky—grinding concrete can send silica in the air, causing potential health issues.

Before you head out to rent a grinder, contact us help you complete a safe, long-lasting repair. We inject polyurethane form through penny-sized holes to lift concrete and create an even, smooth surface. This non-toxic material expands to efficiently fill in spaces under the concrete, getting to the root of the issue and saving you money.

Leveling Instead of Grinding is:


Polyurethane is safe and non-toxic, whereas the silica dust created from grinding concrete can be harmful if it is inhaled.

More Permanent

Grinding the surface of concrete won’t get to the root of the issue—uneven soil (Link to FAQ-what causes concrete to settle). Grinding now will likely result in additional repairs and expenses later.

More Attractive

Bad grinding jobs are unsightly and hard to fix, raising your risk of having to replace the slab. Leveling with polyurethane, which is completed through tiny holes, is discreet and improves the look of your concrete surface.

Concrete Repair


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