Does My Concrete Need to be Replaced?

We can help you determine if your concrete can be repaired. We may recommend that you consider replacing your concrete if the concrete has either of the following:

  • There are major cracks within one foot of each other

  • There is significant spalling (flaking from the top)

If these issues are not present, repairing concrete is typically the better option. Repairing existing concrete is significantly more efficient and less expensive than demolishing and replacing an entire slab. Repairing concrete, especially using polyurethane foam, is more environmentally friendly than demolition. Using our state-of-the-art technology, we can make your existing concrete look almost new.


Benefits of Repairing Instead of Replacing Concrete:

Lower Cost

Repairing your concrete by leveling it with polyurethane takes less time and manpower than replacing concrete, making it is significantly less expensive.

Less Mess

Compared to the process of replacing concrete, raising your concrete creates almost no mess. Replacing includes digging up the old concrete and laying a new slab while raising requires drilling only a few small injection holes.

Less Waste

Much more energy is needed to replace a slab of concrete than to repair one. Replacing involves using jackhammers and heavy machinery, whereas our repairing method uses significantly less energy and a small amount of environmentally-friendly material.

Faster Completion

While replacing your concrete can take a full week to complete, the entire process for leveling your concrete with polyurethane takes only 1-2 hours. Once the polyurethane has cured for 15 minutes, your concrete is ready for use.


We’re happy to answer any questions you have in order to find the concrete solution best for you.
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